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At Acquire Recruitment, we specialise in providing permanent and sustainable recruitment solutions to support businesses and organisations across the UK. Our service is tailored to streamline your recruitment process whilst saving you time and money wherever we can.

In addition to permanent talent acquisition, we offer a fully adaptive service that encompasses every aspect of employment support, including:

  • Permanent and temporary recruitment account management
  • Apprenticeships
  • On-site account management
  • Multi-site or key account management
  • Support business growth with our well-established nationwide infrastructure
  • Staff training and upskilling
  • Fully customised eLearning courses
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We specialise in the following industry sectors:

Manufacturing & engineering
Office & administration
Sales & Marketing
ICT & software development
Management & executive

With our full range of services, ethical and transparent approach, focus on quality and attention to detail, we set ourselves apart from a typical recruitment agency. Our well-established, nationwide infrastructure of office locations and training centres allows us to operate anywhere in the UK with instant access to local candidate pools. Our flexible service means we can accommodate the employment needs of businesses big and small, and we actively contribute to developing skilled candidates who can add value to your business from day one.

As part of the Prospect Group, our partners not only receive employment support managed to the highest standards, but in addition to this, they will also have access to discounts on several digital business support services via our sister company Prospect Digital! Check out the Prospect Group page to find out more!

Partner with us, and along with our reduced fee options, we’ll work to streamline your recruitment process to ensure you receive the highest quality candidates quickly and efficiently whilst striving to save you time and money wherever possible.

Built for partnerships

Our services are best suited to facilitating long-term partnerships with our clients. We can offer ad hoc permanent placements when required, or we can create a fully adaptable service model designed and tailored to accommodate the employment needs of your business across multiple site locations. These options include:

Ad hoc permanent placements
Permanent recruitment account
Temporary recruitment account
On-site account management
Multi-site account management
Key account management

Our speciality within permanent talent acquisition, along with our attention to detail and focus on quality, is designed to improve the efficiency of your employment process and save you time and money where possible. One way we do this is to tackle staff attrition by utilising our candidate qualification and screening methods. By working in partnership with us, we want to understand as much as we can about your business so that we can invest the time and focus on ensuring that we only source candidates that are in line with your specification. This will increase staff retention and avoid unnecessary spending on recruiting and training new staff, saving you time and money long term.

We can work with you to design and create bespoke eLearning courses specifically tailored to your business or site locations. This could include basic induction and/or annual mandatory training courses for permanent and temporary staff members. With internal training modules ready to use repeatedly, you can save money on staff training and upskilling in the long run.

In addition to this, we want to help you grow your business! Our partnerships mean working with businesses of all kinds and sizes, each with different industry needs and demands. Your business could provide a solution to their problems, and if we see an opportunity to refer your products or services to help increase your revenue streams, we will do just that!

Our clients are in complete control of our range of offers and flexible service. They can benefit from ad hoc permanent placements or a fully adaptive service model capable of operating across the UK, saving them time and money and allowing them to focus on running the business, knowing that we have them covered.

Contact us for a free consultation or how you can access to reduced fee structure and learn more about how you can benefit from partnership with us:

Our mission

To be a respected and influential recruitment consultancy committed to supporting employment recovery while meeting the needs of our customers and candidates.

Our vision

To be an outstanding recruitment consultancy that provides a transparent and ethical approach for candidates and employers.

Our values

To support our employers and candidates with sustainable, permanent employment outcomes. To be honest, respectful and caring.

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